Career Design

don’t be arsd

(at risk of self-doubt)


It’s frustrating, trying to find time to focus on YOU

when you’re so busy doing your job, right?

When women come to me, they usually have a list of things they’ve not gotten around to- their health, more social activities, managing their wealth better… and the big one that seems to prevent all else: the kind of CAREER JOY that comes from having your values and your interests aligned with your job while also being well paid and respected for it.

Imagine, a job that you love but that doesn’t consume you and that you’re paid well for, where you also respect the people you work with.

Sound like ‘pie in the sky’?

Thankfully, it’s not. I’ve worked with many hundreds of women 1:1, to help them map out the strategies for getting it ironed out. Then I worked with hundreds more in small groups and large groups, doing the same thing. Its incredibly rewarding, but honestly, like you I only have so many hours in my day.

The day you need a little career confidence or advice is usually not the day you have time for training. YOU are probably on the back-burner till suddenly an opportunity pops up and youre confidence doesn’t measure up to it and lack of time is the best excuse for not seizing that opportunity!!!! 

Maybe like you, I’ve also got small children who fill every ‘spare’ minute I didn’t even realise I had. But I believe in whole of life wellness and that has to start where most of your hours are spent: at work.

So I created this Focus Group: Career Design, to help you to get it sorted. 

This is a tribe. To help you quit the self-doubt and make you a priority. Don’t be at risk of self-soubt, don’t be ARSD – join the tribe.

I want to be part of your tribe & I want you to be part of ours.

Women go to work to meet the boss’ requirements, men go to work for the boss and for themselves.

I know that while the men I coach go to work for themselves and for the boss, the women I coach tend to just go to work with the boss’ requirements in mind. You come last. After family commitments and KPIs and household stuff and meals and laundry… I know that your best career planning happens about 10pm Friday night, possibly with a glass of wine in hand. I call it pyjama planning.

To be honest, that’s where I was when this Focus Group started to come together (without the wine, I was pregnant at the time!). 

I created Career Design as a Focus Group because I wanted to bring you the resources to map your way from where you are to where you want to be. I wanted to make it easy for you to see the steps you can take to make a difference in your job.

I’ve helped people change industries, completely re-skill, get out from under a bullying boss.

So while you can ask the tribe any career question, right when it’s occured to you, you can also tune in to the facebook live videos for career tips on the specifics. What topics? 

I do a lot of guest speaking for large groups of career women, so I’ll facebook live on any topic that seems to be bothering career women right now… or I’ll take my cue from you. What’s the hottest issue in the tribe this week? We’ll address one of those.

It’s not only me you’ll hear from either. I am incredibly passionate about arming you with what you need to find more joy, more rewards from your work. So I’m forever asking people who work in empowering women, both my buddies and new aquaintances, anyone I think will be useful for you to hear from, to join me.

We’ve showcased using meditation for greater productivity, managing your personal finances, confidence, quick resume upgrades, interview tips, resilience, being more impactful, fitting in fitness… and we’ll keep doing it.

Whether small or mighty, the best changes
all have three common themes:

1: Getting clear on what you want

2: Getting clear on what’s expected

3: Fitting YOU into your priority list

Not everyone needs a big change to make a big difference in how they feel about work. Sure, it may be time for a new boss, but maybe much more subtle changes will give you the extra time, more financial rewards and more joy at work that you’ve been craving.

What past participants say …

“Knowing that others are feeling the same way I am helps me to work through the materials I need, to put my best foot forward. I’m not so self-conscious and the tools make me look really good.”


Customer Service

Ever signed up for an expensive course and then
done nothing with it?

I was meant to do 100 squats a day this month, but I confess I got distracted, got busy (a new starter in our team this week, a website relaunch, coaching clients and at home, a bunch of kid chaos bursts- just to name a few urgent distractions!)

By the time my work day is done, I’m often kind of talked-out. But despite my lack of time I want to be connected with people who get it. That’s why our Tribe – your network of cheerleaders on this journey, is in Facebook. It’s where you hang out! You can tap in during pyjama planning and zone out when you’re on a social media break.

No need to block out time in your diary, this tribe is here when you’re ready with questions or with advice for soemone else. 

This is just $25.

Ok so I’m in trouble with a few people for the incredibly low cost entry point here. But I’m doing it anyway, because for all the great work we do in corporate diversity, THIS is my pasison project. 

You see, small tweaks have SUCH a huge impact on how we see ourselves at work. That impacts how others see us. I want to share that with as many women as I can. 

Traditional Career Coach programs are typically anywhere from $450 to $8000.

The Career Design Focus Group gives you access to the knowledge without the 1:1 price tag… you get support via the Tribe, along with our very experienced coaches and myself, stopping by.

Remember this $25 access fee is tax deductible too. 

When you buy, you’re giving too…


25% of your membership fee goes toward funding access for a woman working through domestic violence. Because women who experience bullying and family violence have a negative voice outside their own heads but inside their homes, contributing to their self-doubts

What past participants say …

“Gender Gap Gone gave me the confidence to take my career to the next level. The content is powerful but simple to implement and Cath and the other coaches are so helpful.”

Indah Campo,


Hi! I’m Cath Nolan.

I love what I do.

The absolute most exciting thing for me is that it’s not drastic moves that make the biggest changes for women’s careers: its small tweaks with guided insight. Those improvements to career have a rolling impact to the rest of our lives and in turn our families too.

You absolutely have the power to claim the kind of career happiness you deserve. For just $25 tax deductible dollars, you can be part of a team highly motivated to be more, to get more for themselves. I so hope you decide to be one of them. Can’t wait to meet you inside.

Cath Nolan