Feel like a lone wolf
when you share your Inclusive Diversity message at work?

Feel like a lone wolf
when you share your Inclusive Diversity message at work?

Join a group of like-minded diversity champions at our Diversity Collective events

At The Diversity Collective, you’ll be surrounded by people who get it. Together you’ll be immersed with real-time case studies, from the business leaders of some of our best known brands. What’s working right now across a range of industries, that you can apply this week to your business.

For this next event alone, here are just three of our speakers:

  • Peter Birtles, CEO of Super Retail Group (Rebel, Amart, BCF, etc) and also Male Champion of Change.
  • Julie Morgan, Exec Director of Business Innovation at NSW Ambulance.
  • Trudie Hariman, Head of Human Resources at Qantas, Jessica Wirawan, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion at PWC

Do you get the feeling that no matter how deep your passion or how good your knowledge is, you might not be heard once you get back to the office?

Many of our speakers have faced that, so you’re sure to pick up some tips from them.

Just to be absolutely certain that you come away with greater influence than when you arrive, for our next event on May 23rd we’ve hand-picked two of Australia’s most incredible coaches to help you. Sonia McDonald (neuroscience advocate and leadership guru) will have your mindset primed, while Cath Nolan is in demand nationally as a one-to-one coach and keynote speaker for instant improvement in confidence and competence in powerful communication.

We know your time is incredibly precious

You don’t have a half-week to dedicate to your own learning and development. The executives we work with are generally pretty time poor. They come to the Diversity Collective to gain a high-intensity, skills-boosting ideas fest. What they describe as the nice surprise is the networking that happens.

This event is just one day in your calendar. But there is great power in the networks you will build on this one day.

Your work colleagues don’t always get it. That’s understandable to a degree, they often have conflicting KPIs and pressing deadlines. The connections you make at The Diversity Collective are your peers. People Managers and Inclusion specialists and advocates, these are people you can bounce ideas off for years to come.

I’ve been involved with over a dozen large-scale Women’s Leadership events in the past two years alone. They’re powerful – inspiring individuals to stretch with greater grit and determination.

With The Diversity Collective,
we’re broadening that conversation

My personal belief is that the best gains come from adequately resourcing and inspiring individuals to choose their way. The Diversity Collective is focused on how do we do that at a corporate level.

What’s working right now, to encourage the individuals who don’t look and sound like the CEO, to trust their voices within those businesses, to see themselves as viable contenders for future leadership? How do we encourage innovation when business processes and attitudes scream ‘risk adverse’?

The greatest way to influence is to understand what’s important to your stakeholders. Hear how these business leaders achieve that. How they embrace individuality to drive engagement and what productivity gains they’re seeing as a result.

So many of you have signed up for webinars in the past, hoping to tap in to inspiration and learning. But how often do you get to attend the webinar, come d-day? Your inbox is demanding, office emergencies, reporting, special projects all get in the way.

This one day will take you away from the noise and chaos of delivering your job, to refocus on how to be most effective in your job. Hear what’s working, reflect on what’s working for you and get advice on how to close the gaps.

Hi! I’m Cath Nolan.

I’ve worked in careers and leadership for 15 years.

I’ve worked with thousands of women – one-to-one, in small groups or from a large stage. I have seen what happens when we try to suppress our anxieties and push through fear. Women do not find lasting success or happiness that way.

I’m going to be asking you to get real about what you most want. Not the path you’ve been on simply because you are; not the path your parents chose for you however long ago. We’re going to get real about what drives you, what motivates you, what you run from. Only then can we start to unpack where you’re headed and what you’ll need to get there.

Join us at the Primus Hotel,
(As well as Melbourne, and Auckland)

Save yourself first

My long-time coach and friend often says to me “Save yourself first”. He’s right.

By gathering your focus, whether Inclusion is your whole role or a passion project, this is an opportunity for you to get laser-like. The more engaged and focused you are, the more effective you’re going to be at crafting more inclusive, productive teams.

Take the time to re-energize, in a room of peers in a gorgeous setting at The Primus on Pitt Street Sydney.

Define your priorities, get realistic and set strategies. Build your skills of influence to boost not just their engagement in your message, but yours too.

The Primus is a boutique hotel so capacity is limited. We like to keep it that way, so you have greatest opportunity to interact, to ask questions.

The sooner you book your tickets,
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The Diversity CollectiveThe ticket price is a fraction of other Leadership Conferences and this one has been designed to provide both ideas to help your teams as well as core skills to help you personally, to implement those changes.

How many colleagues will you be bringing along?

Can’t wait to see you there.

Marian, Suzana, Cath and Camila.

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