Hands down, THE most empowering thing I’ve come across this week – and its been a pretty stellar week by most measures!

There’s a new list that’s just been announced, The Foundation 500. It’s funded by H&M who are currently doing some fabulous things to empower female entrepreneurs across the globe, in addition to their retail strength. Since only 6% of the latest Fortune 500 list is female and the majority of the list is white, they’ve come up with a list of their own powerful business women. The Foundation 500.

Diana Amini, Global Head of H&M’s Foundation says

The last time a woman was on the cover of Fortune Magazine was 2014.


Fast forward to this stellar initiative, The Foundation 500 is all women, all women of colour, from emerging markets around the globe. Women who started without privilege, who have forged businesses with grunt and innovation. Now that is an inspiring list, these are truly interesting stories. The article from Nordic Business Insider has more here. For the full list of The Foundation 500 and a snippet of some of their stories, click here.

These are a few of the women on the list:

IRA is the CEO of Snacks Nur Adinda in Indonesia

Yara Ghassan Alasayreh is the Founder of Yara Crochet in Jordan- and 21 years of age.

Jean Banda is the Co-Founder of Live Well in Zambia- the other founder is not her husband, but other women.


Hats off H&M!

Wouldn’t this be an interesting challenge topic for the next Diversity Collective…

Cath Nolan

Managing Director, Gender Gap Gone

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