Hey I’m Cath,

I’m the founder here at Gender Gap Gone. For International Women’s Day I’m going to do something that I hope you’ll join me in.

We’re not experts in ending domestic violence or providing equal access to education or quality health for women and children at risk… but we CAN HELP with the Gender Pay Gap. See I KNOW as true as I’m alive that you have the power to make a change in your life. I want to get you started.

Everyone faces barriers at some point… and some push through to achieve what they want. Or something better than that. You can too.

You HAVE the power to do this, you can make your career exactly what you want it to be. You CAN have a job that’s perfect for you, that nourishes you; you can be paid well if you choose… The how is clear and well- tested. You just need to follow the steps.

One of the first steps is to feel good about you. Take stock of what you’ve done that you’re proud of. It doesn’t come naturally, does it? Not for me either.

I can happily take stock of all that I’m grateful for, but what I’m proud of is much harder. But since I know how liberating self-awareness and bravery are, I’m going to take this very simple step.


This isn’t as bold as Nigel Marsh’s communal, nude Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim. For some of us, it may be tougher.

I may stand alone in this. I may be judged as being full of myself. But I hope I’m not. I hope that some of you will join me so you can feel the benefit. Add your voices. Share what’s great about you.

Since I know the positive impact it’s going to have, I’m authorising an incentive, from Gender Gap Gone, to encourage you. We’re going to select a #CelebrateMe post from among our Insta/Facebook / Twitter followers to receive a 12 Month Career Empowerment Membership, RRP$276

A few years ago I heard a Makeup Artist speaking about skincare. Speaking on the perils of skimping on self-care, she said “no matter what you think about your skin right now, in 5 years you’ll wish you had exactly what you’ve got right now – take care of it!”

The same can probably be said of lots of things (I wish I was the size I was when I first thought I should lose weight)… but when it comes to our careers, at all levels women particularly are inclined to say “Oh I haven’t done that”, rather than affirming “I’ve done this” of the capabilities they do have.

Gentlemen if there’s a woman who’s work you respect, whose ethic and character you admire, perhaps you’ll join in too. Let them know. Better yet, let it BE KNOWN. Advocate for them in the boardrooms and among people of influence within your organisation.

Speak of their leadership abilities and contribution.

I’ll post my #CelebrateMe on Monday, ahead of International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Not just to GGG’s informal social media outlets, but even to the conservative LinkedIn. Can you feel how deep I’m digging? My need to psych myself up?


It’s still a few days away. That gives us all some time to think deeply about what we can say about ourselves 🙂 Or the women we respect.

Want to see the action? Connect with us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram. Sure I may end up standing alone… but I’ll risk it. The potential benefits are worth it. For all of us.

#IWD2016 #CelebrateMe #Inspiration

Cath Nolan