Don’t be ARSD® Membership is an online career program
to help you go from stuck or small or dissatisfied,


So you’re invested in your career, but it’s not humming quite as well as it could, just now?

Don’t be ARSD® (at risk of self doubt) is your tribe. It’s live webinars, live Workshops across Australia with bite-sized resources, inspiration, a camera crew and a whole lotta fun.

At the centre of it all is our online program, Don’t be ARSD® Membership. That’s what I’d like to speak with you about.

Our first milestone for you is a pay rise or a promotion in your first 100 days. If you want it.

If loving your job and being recognised for your efforts is important to you, we can get you there. We’ve done it many, many times over.

It’s not going to require changing employer or reinventing yourself. No personality changes necessary.

We’re talking about increasing your clarity, mindset shifting, some branding focus and letting your brilliance shine.

Sorry, what was that? You’re not that brilliant?

Oh honey but you are. You’re just so used to being busy that your strengths have slipped from under your radar.

I have lots of practice at helping people to identify what skills they can leverage. I’ll help you uncover yours too. That’s going to benefit you and all who follow you.

W H A T’ S   K E E P I N G
Y O U   F R O M
C A R E E R   B L I S S ?

  • You’re scared of being judged for thinking you’re better than you are / for working too many hours / not working enough hours /  not being as polished/professional/competent as you’d like to be
  • You’re not sure you even want the next step with it’s hours, politics and responsibilities.
  • Your success so far has been lucky. But you can’t count on luck in future.
  • Imposter syndrome. You’ll get found out!
  • You’re already digging deep. There’s no spare energy for bigger roles.
  • Time! Self – promotion takes forever.

Mostly, it all seems too much effort and you have plenty else to occupy your time.

You’re current situation isn’t ideal but it’s not THAT bad.

Let me ask, could you do another year, just as you are now, with no clear path to change?

What helped me to get unstuck, was a career coach. Supportively laying out the steps through doubt and into useful actions. As a career coach, I’ve walked many hundreds through the process.

I want to support you through it too.

But I know you’re unlikely to prioritise this during work hours and that you’ll spend more on shoes and coffee for work than on self-development (oh aren’t we all guilty of that!)

That’s why we created Don’t be ARSD® Membership. Working through the blockers, showing you what to adjust, so that you can have the career that adds value to your life in a much bigger way.

I created Don’t be ARSD® because I wanted to bring you the career resources to map your way from where you are to where you want to be. I wanted to make it easy for you to see the steps to take to make a difference in your job.

I’ve helped people change industries, completely re-skill, get out from under a bullying boss, create roles for themselves that they could truly call their own.

If not now, then when?

H O W   D O E S
D O N’ T   B E   A R S D®
W O R K ?

Don’t be ARSD® Membership has the resources and the support crew to get you from stuck to loving your job and being recognised for your efforts.

This resource kit is a proven 3-Step Strategy, with short video tutorials, workbooks and work sheets, plus irregular, empassioned live webinars 🙂

Apply any of the strategies from the single videos for immediate benefit… or layer the steps to amplify their impact.

L A Y E R   O N E – A W A R E N E S S

This is where you start to define what you want most of all and what strengths and brilliance you can leverage. Here you set the foundation with clarity.

Define your values, your skills and strengths, learn prioritisation techniques, create a job wish list.

L A Y E R   T W O – C O U R A G E

Here we speed things up. Examine why your brain gives you the messages that it does, then choose what to rewrite it with.

We look at unconscious bias – how yours is working against you, reprogramming your brain, mindfulness, confidence, creating a vision that actually delivers.

L A Y E R   T H R E E – I M P A C T

It’s being seen, being heard. Not changing who you are, not game – playing. Just letting your brilliance shine. Appropriately, unapologetically, you.

This is where you will expertly embrace the spotlight. Not by becoming someone you’re not, but by expanding your comfort zone, to accommodate greater respect for the work you do.

We’re building your communication in all it’s facets – difficult conversations, impactful presentations, coaching your team, negotiating a pay rise. Helping you to map out the influencers, understanding motivations and anticipating change and future directions.

Great Exec Presence is what attracts Supporters, Advocates, Promotions and opportunities.

community resources Coach Q&ADon’t be ARSD deepens your awareness of self, your awareness of others and it amplifies your communication skills.

I’m a coach. I’ll be coaching you. I’ll be asking you the questions that will help you find your answers.

Hit a road block? Stumped? Lacking motivation? Every week you’ll have the opportunity to ask me or one of our Coaches your questions, in our group coach call.

Plus you can chat with the Tribe any time. Feel the supporter love. Other chicks who want the same as you: kind leadership, meaningful work… for your time and effort and brilliance to be rewarded.

Annual Membership is AUD $147.
(approx $106 USD)

W H A T   D O   Y O U
N E E D   T O   D O ?

  1. Register now, by clicking on the big pink button below.
  2. Print your receipt to claim at tax time.
  3. We’ll send your access details for the resource centre and links to join the tribe.
  4. Absorb the resources that meet where you’re at right now, when it suits you.
  5. Join the weekly call from wherever you are to ask your questions live.
  6. Apply what you’re learning, share your success and raise your questions. Create change.

You won’t need to get outside your comfort zone. For the most part, this is about extending your comfort zone. The biggest challenge is time, and we have tricks for that too.

Traditional Career Coach programs are typically anywhere from $450 to $8000.

Don’t be ARS’D® Membership gives you access to the knowledge without the 1:1 price tag… you get support via the Tribe, along with our very experienced coaches and myself, stopping by.

Don’t be ARS’D® is my passion project because I’ve seen how small tweaks have SUCH a huge impact on how women in particular see ourselves at work. That impacts how others see us. I want to share that with as many women as I can.

Now is the time to make a change for yourself.

Go ahead and join us. Register now. I can’t wait to meet you in the tribe

Cath 🙂

W H A T   I M P A C T   W I L L
Y O U   S E E   W I T H
D O N’ T   B E   A R S D®

Not everyone needs a big change to make a big difference in how they feel about work. Sure, it may be time for a new boss, but it’s highly likely that much more subtle changes will give you the extra time, more financial rewards and more joy at work that you’ve been craving.

What would it look like, if work was better for you?

Would your boss be quicker to recognise your contribution with fun projects and cash rewards or bonus days off?
Would you have greater buy-in from stakeholders? Be doing more meaningful work? Would your team be more engaged, more productive?

Will you be D R E A M   J O B   R E A D Y ?  When you see your dream job, will you be more likely to raise your hand?

Maybe your motivator is what work can do for you. The flexibility to work around your priorities, your life. Yes, including the personal priorities, like wellness… Maybe you want to take time off to volunteer, holiday more – holiday BIGGER, or simply make it to school pick up on time without being considered a part-timer.

No kids? You still need to make time for your outside-work life and loved ones.

Perhaps you’ll be assured that when eventually it’s time to retire, you’ll buck the trend and be a rich old lady eventually, not a poor old lady.

What past participants say …

“Knowing that others are feeling the same way I am helps me to work through the materials I need, to put my best foot forward. I’m not so self-conscious and the tools make me look really good.”


Customer Service

W H E N   Y O U   B U Y
Y O U’ R E   G I V I N G   T O O

25% of your membership fee goes toward funding a Don’t be ARSD® Membership Grant for a woman working through domestic violence. Because women who experience bullying and family violence have a negative voice outside their own heads and inside their homes, suffer amplified self-doubts.

A B O U T   Y O U R
P R I M A R Y   C O A C H

Hey, I’m Cath Nolan.

I was once where you’re at.

I had a job that I was doing pretty well at. The job looked great on the surface. I had people I enjoyed working with, a great team. I was successful enough. But there was part of that job that just wasn’t right. It wasn’t right for years, but I kept ignoring it.

That part was quietly crushing me.

With no idea what I wanted to do instead, I was stuck. I kept doing what I was doing. I satisfied my need for meaning through the things I did outside of work.

I applied for other roles, but without a clear direction, I knew in those interviews that I had no chance. No way could I sell myself into the role when I hadn’t sold myself on what role I wanted. Also, totally doubting my ability to hit the ground running in something new, I was applying for roles that were way too junior.

Add in one other pressure point. I was an Exec Recruiter. If anyone was able to market themselves well, it should have been me. I could market other people brilliantly, but when it came to putting myself forward, I sucked.

Eventually with a new month looming ahead, promising to be the same as the last and it was too much. I quit.

I met a Career Coach to identify my drivers. Then I started working as a coach myself… and got busy working out a system so that other people could find their paths more easily.

I interviewed hundreds of employers and recruiters about what they were looking for in promotions and project leads, pay negotiations and new hires. I studied and shaddowed Exec Coaches and practised to build my coaching skills, so that I could effectively take people from A to B in as short a time as possible. I pulled what I was learning into practice and my clients applied it.

They got results. Again and again and again. People who’d been stuck like I was, were now finding clarity and uncovering opportunities that had been there all along. Finding more joy, often within their own workplaces. I worked with thousands of men and women, either 1:1 or through workshops and conferences.

I’ve helped thousands of people with these strategies to make small, hugely impactful shifts. But I want to help you, too. So my team and I are launching  Don’t be ARSD® Membership, to help you to get it sorted.

Whatever drives you at work, we all work to live.
If work isn’t delivering you the level of challenge, reward and flexibility you need, then it’s not delivering.

Don’t be ARSD® (at risk of self-doubt) is where women learn to tackle self-doubt so they can create more rewarding careers.

We are all unique, with different talents and motivations and circumstances. But these strategies that you’ll learn in Don’t be ARSD® are tried and tested. The steps are super simple. Quick and easy to implement. Combined with a cheer squad reminding you to include on your radar? That’s hugely impactful.

 Are you ready for some aha moments to shift your focus?

I am here alongside you, to help you quit the self-doubt and make yourself a priority. Don’t be at risk of self-doubt, don’t be ARSD® – join the tribe.



Job change? Quite possibly. Employer change? That’s not our focus.

In fact, past program participants said they were 85% less likely to leave their current employer in the next 12 months, after using Gender Gap Gone resources. We have workbooks and tutorials to help you get clarity around what’s most important, and tools to navigate the conversations, so you can get more of what you want.

Being so practically empowered, you are statistically likely to find that the grass is greener on your side of the fence.


Of course. Your team, your customers, your friends. If you want to bring a buddy, please share on social or share this page and feel our love as well as theirs.

If you want to join 10 or more people, you’ll probably want the Program Partners link… over HERE 🙂


No. We’re not recruiters (although some of us have that in our backgrounds). We don’t carry job vacancies.

With video tutorials and workbooks we help you to find clarity around what’s most important, what skills you have lingering under the surface of your consciousness. Then learn strategies for building courage and for raising your voice to get what you want for yourself and those who follow you.

If you want a new job, our track record says you’re likely to get that much faster with us than on your own. But if you’re after more career joy, then that’s the target we’ll be hitting together.


You can access the resource portal at any time.  At your pace, when it suits you.


Bring those babies on!

We’d love to help. Drop our team an email at  and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Or use the chat box in the bottom right of your screen.


If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, you will qualify for one of our Don’t be ARSD® Membership Grants. Please get in touch. Let’s have a discreet conversation and hook you up.


Yes. If at any point in the first 30 days you decide this program isn’t for you, we’ll refund your money.

What past participants say …

“Gender Gap Gone gave me the confidence to take my career to the next level. The content is powerful but simple to implement and Cath and the other coaches are so helpful.”

Indah Campo,


Hi! I’m Cath Nolan.

I love what I do.

The absolute most exciting thing for me is that it’s not drastic moves that make the biggest changes for women’s careers: its small tweaks with guided insight. Those improvements to career have a rolling impact to the rest of our lives and in turn our families too.

You absolutely have the power to claim the kind of career happiness you deserve. For just $147 tax deductible dollars annually, you can be part of a team highly motivated to be more, to get more for themselves. I so hope you decide to be one of them. Can’t wait to meet you inside.

Cath Nolan