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Womens Leadership Events Showcase

Womens Leadership events are a BRILLIANT option for helping people identify what it is they’re actually great at, to connect to purpose and to move confidently toward big goals. Events bring a high level of energy, of connection and of social proof. That’s a biggie: we are firm believers that courage needs encouragement!


These events typically have a combination of story, science and strategy. With a hefty dose of inspiration, a little NLP to breakdown the self-loathing we’re all conditioned to. And they’re not only about women. We have all genders participate and say they’ve taken huge value from them. Our ethos is not ‘come on women, rise up’ rhetoric- quite the opposite. If you’re in this room, this event is about you and your journey, your goals and your next steps. This event is about you living your best life, for your circumstances and your unique set of experience and greatness and desires.


We run strength, courage & capacity building workshops, as well as diversity-centric Womens Leadership events.

Womens Leadership events are only sometimes called womens leadership events, because inclusion is critical. Not just for men and non-binary people, but we’ve found around 30% of women prefer to participate in non-gender specific leadership activities. That number fluctuates depending on media trends. 

Have a look through our gallery below, or in the ‘For Corporates’ tab up top… You’ll see that many of our events are simply team building, or capacity building, or leadership or interviews for case study inspiration. Like our Diversity Collective series… if you scroll right down, you can access one of our favourite case studies from there, absolutely free.


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