Men, a word please about your career. It’s not politicaly correct to say it out loud, but men and inclusion seem to equal disadvantage. In the noise and urgency of inclusion, you often ask me why there are no leadership conversations targeted directly at your competitive advantage, moving forward. This is that conversation.

Seeing around the corner, predicting the next industry disruption is a major buzz in leadership, for good reason. Resources are wasted when invested ineffectively. Predict the trends for where your business is heading and you’re half-way there, right?

But what about the global disruptor that’s here now, that’s too controversial to talk about, but that’s impacting the majority of the world’s decision makers?

White men rule the world, disproportionate to their populations. But now the pressure is on to change that.

Suddenly there are fewer jobs for the boys

The convergence of economic factors – the ultimate drive for productivity, extracting more out of every employee, plus the social push for gender equality, have created an inescapable storm.

What does it mean- for the boys?

Competition for senior roles is fiercer than ever.

Just as when off-shoring and outsourcing arrived, shape-shifting and upskilling is critical.

Men and inclusion

When you hear men and inclusion, it’s most often an opening to a reprimand. In fact, it’s an opportunity for advantage

What skills are in demand?

Increase your Emotional Intelligence

However strong your emotional intelligence is now, continue to expand it. Leading individuals, rather than clones is critical to harnessing talent. Heightened awareness of self and others is said to be more impactful than any other skill, to good leadership. Dr Travis Barbery says is it’s the key determinant of success in leadership – more than IQ, more than education. Unlike IQ, you can grow your EQ.

For men and inclusion, increasing your emotional intelligence is a no-brainer essential to success.

Keep the bottom line in focus

Abandon your strengths at your peril. If social justice is on the left and a blind race for profit is on the right, inclusive leadership is in the middle. The more practiced you are at Inclusive Leadership, the more you’ll be able to edge toward larger profit sustainably. That is, inspiring action from the sum of your moving parts, not just your stars.

Be warned, if inclusion is simply a PR stunt, it’s going to backfire.

How to brand yourself for leadership heights in teh Age of Inclusion


Get more inclusive

This is way bigger than how you’re playing nice with the girls. How do you proactively include a diverse range of inputs to creativity and decision making at all levels?

Broaden your inputs.


  • Mix of industry backgrounds
  • Nay-sayers
  • Mix of ages
  • Cultural backgrounds
  • Geographic backgrounds
  • Newly-schooled and fresh faces and experienced hands
  • Suppliers, vendors, customers
  • Senior leaders and grads
Attribute credit for success to those broad inputs

Ensure that the value of their contribution is transparent. Relevant for men and inclusion, for women in business, for corporate success: recognition of contribution promotes further contribution.

Reinvention every 5 years.

You need to reinvent by 20% each year. How are you doing that?

  • Mentoring others
  • Love of learning
  • Continuous education
  • Network
  • Board of mentors
  • Feedback from people who challenge you (believe in you, but challenge you)

As with any disruptor, if you can truly embrace it, this will become your competitive advantage

Boys, you’ll still get a good crack at the top jobs, but you’ll need to demonstrate how you harness the whole of your teams more than ever before. How you inspire innovation and extra-effort. Inclusive leadership is your platform.


At the end of the month we’re running a Training Intensive for men in leadership roles. How to brand yourself for Leadership in the Age of Inclusion. With all the women’s leadership events that exist, we’re often asked “why isn’t there one for men?” This is it. More info HERE.

Cath Nolan

MD, Gender Gap Gone

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