There’s been a spike in overwhelm lately, among our clients. This isn’t so much the busy-ness of life, although it sure contributes: I’m talking about the internal dialogue of things you need to get done, then you’ll have the clean slate that will allow you to breathe / take a break / plan your next career move / sleep more!

I just need to clear my to-do list then I can think about it

What does the clean slate look like? It’s any combination of these things:

  • I’ve cleared my inbox
  • Our household admin / insurance / tax are up to date
  • I’ve completed the reports / returned all my messages
  • I’m comfortable financially
  • I’ve got some impressive and recent wins to show
  • The kids are up to date with dental check-ups / orthotics / orthodontics / optometrists
  • We get past the silly season of parties and commitments every weekend
  • My resumé is up to date
  • My team is all back from their leave / secondments
  • The house is tidy
  • I’m more physically healthy

Clients will say to me “when I reach that, I’m sure I’ll be able to take a break, relax, take a breath, switch off. Then I can start to think about what I really want.”

They’re sure that when they get over the bump of all that’s on their plate right now, then they’ll find space and clarity.

Ask yourself though, when did you last have an empty in-box? A completely clear schedule with no family or friends wanting to catch up? When were you last completely satisfied with how fit or healthy you were?


If you don't take time to decide what's most important to you, you'll waste years of your life chasing someone else's dream


Every day you make progress, you get things done, you accomplish goals and fortify relationships. And each week there are new tasks, new priorities arising.

Let’s cut through the noise and find space to check that the life you’re living is the one you really want.

  1. Take think time, at a time of day when you have optimal brain power. Get up early, have a shower or coffee to wake your brain, then ponder what’s most important. Think about your priorities, what gives you joy, the important relationships, which stakeholders matter most, what kind of life you want to be living. This don’t be ars’d Values Worksheet might be a useful resource, you can swipe that HERE
  2. Actively and regularly remind yourself that done is better than perfect.
  3. Assess what things you can remove from your to-do list – not for today, but remove altogether. If they become important again you’ll hear about it. Now if you’ve deleted them, let them go.
  4. Learn to deal with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Our recent free webinar on Overcoming Self Doubt will give you some stellar how-to tips.
  5. Remember that some stress is good for you.
  6. Don’t beat up on yourself about how busy you are. Busy makes you interesting.


You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. While overwhelm keeps you in a procrastination headlock, you’re not getting what you want. Take time to work out what you really want.

When you hit that sweet spot of clarity? Saying no to what’s unimportant, finding ways to make it fit and chasing down what you want is so much easier.

Cath Nolan

MD, Gender Gap Gone

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