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There’s sense among many women that we’re getting a bit of a raw deal when it comes to workload and income. Research shows consistently that women do more work in the home (2.9 vs 5.2 hours) and get paid less in the office (24% of total remuneration). Of course most...


We’re all trying to get more done but be less stressed out while achieving it, right? There’s a particular item on every too-busy person’s to do list and I’d like to know if you’re happy with it being there, or if it bothers you. It’s that ever-present but always...

Hey, I’m Cath… the boss lady here.

Hey, I’m Cath… the boss lady here.

Working with businesses we create more inclusive, productive teams.

Working with women, we help them learn to tackle self-doubt so they can create more rewarding careers.

We do this through online programs, coaching, photography initiatives, conferences, workshops across Australia and a big dose of fun.