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Interview Coaching is a combination of Video and Workbook Resources, plus two video sessions with a Career Coach.

We show you how best to prepare for the interview to get the job you want Then we do a couple of interview role plays so you get to achieve the level of positive impression you need to convey.

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An Interview Coach gets you ready to be seen in the best possible light for your dream role

A great interview coach gives you the strategy to prepare for interview and the confidence and communication techniques to secure your dream job.

Why do you need an interview coach? You’re ready for the next step and you’ve got some runs on the board… but when you open your mouth in interview, you’re not convinced. If you’re not convinced, how will they be?

These are some of the common interview problems:

  • you walk away from interview thinking “why didn’t I tell them about THAT?!”
  • “sorry, no: you’re over-quallified”
  • when asked questions you draw a blank
  • having spent so many hours preparing, you make yourself anxious
  • waffle wastes your precious time
  • you really hit it off in interview but fail to get job offers
  • my job has just been placed on the market and I need to re-apply
If any of these resonates, you are in just the sort of circumstances that would typically bring someone to Interview Coaching.

Interview Coach readiness for interviews

W H A T   Y O U   C A N
E X P E C T   W I T H   A N
I N T E R V I E W   C O A C H


As soon as you purchase Interview Coaching, we’ll send you access to your resource kit. You’ll find our don’t be ars’d® Interview Planner, along with Workbook and Videos to help you with the prep and with tips on how to answer some specific questions. Questions like ‘why do you wnat this job’, and what questions you can ask and what not to say in interview (eg, your skills are not transferrable, saying that makes you sound less competent).

We’ll ask you to email us with your resumé and an example job ad, for the type of role you’re targeting. We hook you up with a coach and schedule your first interview coach session.

Coach Calls are via Skype or Video call.


After a quick chat about the interviews you’ve been for, feedback, upcoming, etc, we will dive right into a dummy interview. Your coach will interview you for the role you’re targeting. Then they’ll give you feedback.

Things like

  • “this is how I understood your answer…”
  • “this is the sort of example I’d be wanting to hear, for this type of question / role”
  • “based on what you told me earlier, your experience in … would have been an ideal example to use here”

You’ll come away form this session feeling reassured, that there are some things you’re doing great. Also, you’ll also have some specific areas to focus on, to better present what you’ve done.


This is your second dummy interview. That is, we interview you for the role you want, then give you feedback. This session is all about tweaking and confidence. You’ll feel great after this session. Your hard work comes together and you get you experience success – that is, putting your best foot forward, leaving nothing left unsaid.


T H E   P R O C E S S

As soon as you book Interview Coaching, we’ll email you with access to the resource kit. We’ll also be in touch to find out a little more about what you’re looking for. Then we hook you up with one of our Interview Coaches, who we think will be best suited to the kind of work you’re doing.

We have coaches who’ve worked across all industries, from public and private sector, heath, education, mining, financial services, professional services, retail and FMCG, manufacturing, transport, property and construction, not for profit, etc. Importantly, they’re also well practiced at giving specific feedback, to help you to hone your craft.


Great news, there’s a deal in here!

Career Coaching is normally $150 + GST per hour.
The Don’t be ars’d® (at risk of self-doubt) Interview Resource Kit is $98.
That’s $398 total.

But as a bundle, you can access Interview Coaching for $350 + GST.

If you have any objections to using the Interview Resource kit to save you time & $ (like maybe you already HAVE access, as a Don’t be ARS’d® Tribe member), that’s totally cool, just get in touch and we’ll hook you up with a coaching-only option.

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