Make Your Mark


Make your Mark is a Career Coaching bundle.

Define your best next move and the steps you need to take, to get there with least resistance.



Career Coaching helps you to make sense of your career path so far. Make Your Mark is a journal that you’ll use, along side coaching sessions, to help you find answers.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve achieved some things along the way… but your career feels like a hodgepodge. You’ve reached a point where you’d like to move, but you’re just not sure in which direction. You think you’re capable of more, but you don’t feel very convincing, probably because you’re not 100% sure of which direction to move.

Maybe you think you’d like the next step up, but you don’t want the politics or responsibility / long hours that goes with it. And you don’t think there’s room to do that role your way.

Maybe you want the next move but you don’t feel quite ready and are unsure of what capabilities to gather, to  get you ready? Sometimes you really are there, but just need an objective coach to join all the dots of your brilliance for you.

If any of these resonates, you are in just the sort of circumstances that would typically bring someone to a Career Coach. 


Make your Mark with Gender Gap Gone

Two Career Coaching sessions are generally enough, if you’re prepared to do some homework in the background.

That’s why we’ve bundled the two coach sessions with the divine, crowd-funded Make Your Mark journal by Kasia Gospos.

It’s a beautiful way to navel-gaze 🙂



Coaching sessions with your Career Coach are usually via Skype or Video call, at a time that works for you both. You can go fast ( 2 sessions in a week), or slow – spread over a few months.

We have over 20 career coaches we’re delighted to have worked with for years. Depending on your industry sector and specialisation, we’ll connect you with the coach we think will provide you with the most value.


W H A T   Y O U   C A N   E X P E C T


In your first session you’ll get help to clarify your story and talk through your ideas about the next step. We look at your passions, pitfalls and the patterns of your career to date. Of all the strengths you have (yes, we can help you uncover them), which ones do you actually want to keep using?

Next we add in your practical considerations. The locations, the salary, the flex, etc.

Understand what’s holding you back and set some strategies for working through that.


If we haven’t already, this is where you will map your next move. Where to, what are the options, how will your resumé and pitch vary for those different choices?

Finally, if we have time we’ll spend a few minutes outlining how can you best prep for interview


Of course we’ll have your copy of the beautiful Make Your Mark journal delivered to you, as soon as you’re signed up. This will help you with the soul-searching prep work. Keep in mind, this is going to require you spending some alone time in your favourite coffee shop / beach / other gorgeous thinking place.

BTW, want to know more about the Make Your Mark journal? Our MD Cath was a contributor and we are the biggest fans of Leaders in Heels beautiful line of inspirational stationery. Find them HERE. No affiliate benefits here for us, simply sharing the joy and insp.


T H E   P R O C E S S

As soon as you book your Make Your Mark Career Coaching, we will organise to have your journal delivered by Express Post. We’ll be in touch to have a brief chat about the kind of answers you want to find. We’ll also get you to send us your resumé and any assessments you’ve done recently – psych or personality assessments. Anything you think will help us to help you define your direction.

Then we’ll work out which of our coaches is going to work best with you and we’ll put you in touch.

Ideally you’ll have the Journal in your hands before you’ve had your first Coach Call, so you can start some directed soul-searching.

Then you’ll connect with your coach and you’ll be on your way: defining ‘next’ and moving towards it!


So this is a lovely added bonus for you. See Career Coaching is normally $150 + GST per hour. For this super special bundle, we’ve discounted the coaching, to send Make Your Mark. Make Your Mark is $39.95 RRP, plus the $10+ postage, you’re getting a deal here! It’s a $20 discount.

Most importantly, the gift you’re getting is time. Using the journal will start your thinking and save you some coach time.

Of course if you really, really don’t want the journal and just want the coaching we’re very happy to accomodate. Just call us.


H M M . . .   I   H A V E
A   Q U E S T I O N ?


Call me. Please, let’s talk about it.




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