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Resumé Nip Tuck is a done – for – you resumé writing service.

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Why do you need a Resumé Nip Tuck?
A great resume is like killer heels without the killer back pain.
When your resumé presents you well, you stand taller, exude more confidence.
But who has time or appetite for that kind of pain?

We do!

Our team of resumé writers are gifted wordsmiths, able to ask the right questions to draw our your genius.

The process is simple and prove. In fact, we’ve collectively sculpted well over 10,000 resumés.

T H E   P R O C E S

  • As soon as you book in your resumé Nip Tuck, our team of writers will be notified. We’ll be in touch to schedule a short call and ask for some information.
  • We’ll ask
    • where you’re headed
    • what type of role you want
    • what you’re known for
    • what you most love about the roles you’ve been doing
    • what are the core skills you believe you need to highlight
    • a copy of your old resumé please
    • a dummy job ad for the type of role you’re targeting
  • We get to work, using a formula that we’ve seen work more consistently than any other. Want to take a peek?
  • Within 5 working days we’ll have your sleeker resumé in your inbox.


A   C H O I C E   T O   M A K E

You have a choice to make.

Performing a DIY resumé nip tuck might take you five very slow, drawn out hours of back and forth. Five hours one day in future when it’s so urgent you put off applying for the job.

Or it will take us 90 minutes. And it will be done. Ready to go. No more excuses: raise your hand for that great new opportunity.



If you’re totally clear on your next move, then you just need someone to draw out your brilliance and put it on paper. Awesome. Because we’re in the zone, doing lots of these, most resumés are completed in around 90 minutes of work. That’s $180 + GST

If you’re not really sure of what your next move is, then you’re going ot want this deal.

Resumé Nip Tuck + Don’t be ARS’D (at risk of self-doubt)

Don’t be ARS’D is our online career program, helping women go from stuck to shining. It’s packed with how-to videos and workbooks for the DIY soul-searching, plus it has a weekly Group Coach Q&A Call so you can ask questions about your unique circumstances.

There are 3 modules:

  • Awareness
  • Courage
  • Impact

Resumé Nip Tuck is $180 + GST
Don’t be ARS’D® is $147 + GST

Total is $327 + GST.. except that it’s not. As a bundle, you can access both for $257 + GST. That’s $70 saving!

** Whichever option you choose, please keep your receipt for EOFY. Check with your accountant to be sure, but all of our clients have previously claimed this service as a tax deduction.


H M M . . .   I   H A V E   A   Q U E S T I O N ?


Call me. Please, let’s talk about it.




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Resumé Nip Tuck

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