We were pretty excited to be told a few weeks ago that we were a finalist in the Big Idea Award, hosted by AusMumPreneur. To be honest though, half the team was in launch mode for the product we were nominated for and the other half of the team was all revved up putting together our next corporate leadership event, The Diversity Collective for November. So the magnitude of this award completely escaped us till the Gala Dinner when we saw how incredible the competition was.

Now, we didn’t win the Big Idea award, but we were a top 10 finalist among thousands of businesses. The other finalists are all women, sometimes solo and sometimes as business partners, many of them with export empires, there were publishing houses and consulting firms and partnerships with villages in Africa, fitness giants and fashion icons. All of these women have kids as well as their business commitments.

Two of my team attended the Awards Gala with me. Where’s that laugh emoji? Camila and Indah were at one point both crying, hearing one of the winners speak. I said afterwards “Pretty inspiring, huh?!”

Indah said “I started crying because it was so inspirational then I kept crying because I thought if she’s doing that much with all that she’s had to bear, I’ve had no burdens, but I’ve achieved nothing, how lazy am I?”

It was truly a great night and we’re indeed honoured to be recognised. Exciting for the whole GGG team who comes together to make the business work for our clients.

What were we nominated for? Our Tribe. Career Design- don’t be arsd

Why was it a finalist? Because THIS IS MY WHY!

That means time and purpose and focus are behind making this solution a game-changer.

See the men I coach generally go to work for themselves and for the boss. They work the boss’ agenda, but they also have an eye on their career. The women I coach are generally just there to meet the boss’ KPIs. They don’t make it to their own radar until work isn’t going the ay they’d like. When they’re not seeing the rewards they should.

For women in careers to raise their hand for a new opportunity, it takes time and confidence. And those are not generally in great supply for a lot of women. But coaching can be expensive and time consuming. The thing is, there are small changes that can make a HUGE difference to your success rate. Resume tips, interview prep secrets, strategies and support for overcoming self-doubt, even recognising self doubt and practical ways to fit yourself into your career agenda, knowing what to say no to and how to do it, what to say yes to. Tiny tweaks can make a huge difference.

So Career Design is a Tribe. It’s helping women in careers to ‘not be arsd’, not be at risk of self-doubt. And since women do so often low-prioritise themselves, it had to be really cheap. Access is only $25, with 25% of that going to fund programs for women in family violence situations. Because those women are even more at risk of self doubt.

See more HERE.

You can gift a program, you can buy one for yourself and join us, or if you lead a business or team you can sign up ALL the girls, as the cheapest engagement tool you’ll see.

What risk will you take this week, to get outside your comfort zone and take a chance on yourself?