Gender Gap Gone

At Gender Gap Gone we're all about improving performance and job happiness. Having worked in traditional Corporate Coaching for years, we recognise that development needs to meet the individual where they're at. Instead of consulting when work is disatissfying, our community and resources give you strategies and support to make work work for you.
Career Design helps you find a greeater sense of purpose and satisfaction at work while our 12- Week small group Brave Leadership Program is helping women get comfortable with their own voice in leadership, while bolstering the core skills demanded for senior roles. Both programs are online, interactive (24/7), low cost and registrations are opening soon.

Why the Diversity Conversation? Because more diverse inputs to business provide more robust outputs. Diversity of thought is improved with a broader range of backgrounds, cultural mix, gender mix, age ranges, thinking styles and so on. And why the focus on gender? Because that's where the greatest gains are to be made. The Diversity Council Australia shows that we've seen a 22% increase in non Anglo-Celtic Chairs and a 74% increase in Asian Chairs. But we're not seeing anywhere near that level of gain in female representation at senior levels.

Why don't our Heads of Business look more like our population? And what can we do about it? Many organisations have been successful at attracting diverse talent pools at junior levels, so why don't they progress? The Diversity Collective is a quartetly event series facilitating that conversation with prominent leaders sharing live case studies of initiatives that are actually gaining traction.

The Diversity Collective kicked off in Sydney in 2016. For more on our 2017 Speakers, agenda & booking info, click the date you're interested in below: