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What is Gender Gap Gone?

Gender Gap Gone is a passion hub! We’re obsessed with helping individuals to embed the small shifts that have teh biggest impact. Ensuring the messages you tell yourself and tell others, are aligned to both personal and professional objectives.

Why we’re needed

Real outcomes require more than inspiration and rhetoric. Between two thirds and three quarters of businesses have policies and commitments to diversity. The business case is strong and yet the statistics show we’re a long way from home.

When the majority of decision makers are clones of any one type, decisions are narrow and less sustainable.

Why do our programs make a difference?

Where there’s a gap between corporate diversity intentions and actual leadership practices in a business, our Inclusion Workshops and one-to-one coaches allow people managers to see benefits of including specific practices into their existing leadership styles, causing a shift in engagement.

Where HR professionals and business leaders see the importance of Inclusive Diversity, but they’d like to see better traction with their policies, The Diversity Collective is facilitating a conversation with others. Business leaders from well-known brands and government agencies share current case studies and strategies, while think-tanks and influence coaching all contribute to delegates professional development in this area.

In all industries there have been trailblazers who show that regardless of corporate policy, there are women and people of diverse backgrounds make it to senior roles. We’re passionate advocates for the power of the right tools, the right inspiration, delivered conveniently and with support, enabling individuals to follow the trailblazers. Or to just be more engaged in the role they’re in now! Our online programs are designed accordingly.

Don’t be ARS’D® (at risk of self doubt) for example is low-cost enough to be accessible right across an organisation, not just for the ‘High Potential’s and ‘High Performer’s. 

Whatever the solution we work on together, we’re working toward the same outcome: the day you no longer need us, we’ll all celebrate.

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Hey, thanks for stopping by.

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

Working with businesses we create more inclusive, productive teams.

Working with women, we boost capability and decrease self-doubt so you can create more rewarding careers.

We do this through our tribe, live events, coaching and photography initiatives.